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Introducing a New Chapter for CrossClave: Embracing the Space Industry and On-Premise Deployments


In the past three years, SpiderOak has strategically redirected its focus from consumer software to the space industry. Recognizing that cyber threats pose a significant risk to the US national security space infrastructure, we’re proud to be part of the solution with OrbitSecure. As a significant milestone for our team, we successfully deployed OrbitSecure on orbit for the first time in May 2023.

Alongside this transition, we’ve noticed a strong customer preference for on-premise deployments. With this feedback in mind, we’re excited to announce a new chapter in the evolution of our CrossClave software.

Effective immediately, new registrations for the SaaS version of CrossClave will be discontinued. However, existing customers can continue enjoying their CrossClave services until September 20, 2023

This September, we will unveil a self-hosted version of CrossClave, available through AWS. Customers will have the ability to launch their own CrossClave deployment on their cloud infrastructure, with unlimited users and no data constraints.

We are deeply appreciative of the over 10,000 customers who use our CrossClave product. Serving as the cornerstone of our technology adapted for zero-gravity environments, your support and feedback have been instrumental since CrossClave’s initial SaaS launch in 2020.

How Does This Impact You?

Starting June 22, 2023, new CrossClave signups will be discontinued. Existing customers will maintain access to their accounts until September 20, 2023, when the commercial CrossClave system will be decommissioned.

Does This Affect Other Applications?

This change pertains only to CrossClave. All other SpiderOak products and services will remain available.

What About Annual Subscriptions?

Prorated refunds will be provided to annual users by July 1, 2023. Monthly subscriptions will no longer renew after June 22, 2023. Rest assured, users will maintain access to their CrossClave accounts and data until September 20, 2023.

Have Further Questions?

We welcome any further queries or concerns you may have. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

Thank you for your continued support of CrossClave and for being a valued part of the SpiderOak community.

If you are interested in the on-premise version of CrossClave through the AWS marketplace, please enter your email below. We will email when the on-prem verison is available.