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Share Securely to the Moon & Back

Share and store files, chat, collaborate and more … with security and encryption features that ensure even we don’t see your data.

Software That Keeps Your Secrets – Automatically.

We are the first and only firm to incorporate blockchain technology for security that blows away industry standards. Our suite of tools protects your most personal, vulnerable data by design.


The same reliability and easy access to your files that you’ll find on our desktop version.


Control who shares with you using our easy add and team creation functionality.


Secure across devices, including iPhone, Android and Desktop, with syncing between all the devices you use.


Ideal for teams where speed and ease of communication are a factor, CrossClave is built for immediate interaction.


No member of the SpiderOak Team can ever see your data.


Your data is completely private and secure. Built on blockchain technology


You keep talking about "Zero Trust" - what does that mean?

SpiderOak solutions are based on a Zero-Trust architecture where, by default, nobody is trusted either inside or outside of the infrastructure – eliminating inside threats, permission creep, and unintentional exposure.

What does blockchain have to do with CrossClave?

Our use of blockchain provides complete attribution and non-repudiation of all data transactions. Every modification made to the ledger is time stamped and signed, digitally ensuring traceability and complete integrity.

How does SpiderOak use this technology for secure collaboration?

The combination of Zero-Trust No Knowledge Encryption and Distributed Ledger allows clients to share data in a secure that even our staff can’t access.

Who is CrossClave for?

We see many businesses use CrossClave, but our app is for anyone who wants to share securely.

What does space have to do with it?

Our technology is used in space – check out our OrbitSecure and Mission Systems offerings to find out more.

Glad to have a collaboration app with a focus on sharing files securely.

Awesome app for secure messaging! The support team is super helpful.