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Our Team Has

Many Faces

We’re united by an ever-growing commitment to protect the world’s data. Security is our key design principle, and each member of our team, from development to QA to marketing to our Board, strive to deliver security-minded software solutions combining Zero-trust encryption and private Blockchain.

So What’s a SpiderOak?

Our company was founded in 2006. We have over a decade of inventing leading-edge security and privacy technology, and tens of thousands of customers that prove our worldview (even as far as space will take us!) We also invented No Knowledge software (here’s a little more on that.)

SpiderOak solutions are based on a Zero-Trust architecture where, by default, nobody is trusted either inside or outside of the infrastructure – eliminating inside threats, permission creep, and unintentional exposure.


SpiderOak develops communication technology that allows users all over the world (and in space!) to share and securely store files, chat, create teams and collaborate securely in an encrypted space.

We #EncryptEverything because we believe sacrificing your data and privacy to be able to communicate efficiently and effectively is an uneven trade. Simply, consumers deserve better. 




  • No matter who we work with, how big we become or how our application develops, our underlying values will always trace back to those simpler roots: Privacy is not merely a privilege, nor should it ever be.
  • Data consumerism is becoming a space void of ethics by design. The only way to stop this is to create products that reflect our ethics.
  • Ethics in the privacy space are not subjective. Your data should be yours alone.
  • Quality products can be made WITHOUT having to compromise this ethical stance.

How Does Our Team Design Our Products?

Most commercial off-the-shelf communication and collaboration products have an inherent weakness – “Security was NOT considered a key design feature.” You’ll never experience that with SpiderOak.

All SpiderOak’s products are built secure from the ground up. We employ an industry unique design philosophy we call Constructional Security, an approach where protecting data is put on par with communicating, creating, and managing.

Our Executive Team

Charles Beames


Mike Madden

VP of Finance

Dave Smith

VP Engineering

Matt Erickson

VP Solutions

Andrew Friedrich

VP Marketing

Adam Tervort

VP Customer Success

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